Fox and the Crepes

Catch one of these delicious snacks before someone outfoxes you.

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The chefs behind the tiny counter do an excellent job of swirling the batter to create seamless dinner-plate-sized crepes and then folding them back onto themselves into perfectly portable triangles that can contain even the ooziest and gooeyest fillings. The menu follows the odd but fun trend of naming pizza toppings, sandwich fillings, and crepe concoctions after local streets and neighborhoods. Try the Windsor (basically a Vietnamese banh mi in a crepe), the Reeve (a Cuban sandwich in a crepe), or the Fort Hamilton (classic ham, cheese, and fried egg). If you need something sweet, a crepe filled with melted chocolate and marshmallow topped with crumbled graham cracker should fix you right up.

On the subject of names, the “Fox and the Crepe” is a bit of a puzzle, as are all the fox toys and fox-themed children’s books scattered across the tables inside and in the small but quiet backyard. It turns out the owner is one Mr. Fox, who is particularly taken with the fable “The Fox and the Grapes.”

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1233 Prospect Ave
Brooklyn 11218

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