Fort Point District

Once gritty, now pretty

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First came the industrial buildings — blocks-long and boxy brick buildings where things were manufactured in the Fort Point District and shipped from the nearby ports and train lines. Then came industrial decline.

Then came the artists, who used the massive spaces for studios (as they do). And then came the loft developers, who repositioned the functional buildings as the strong beauties that they are and sold them at a hefty mark-up.

The neighborhood continued to change — especially with the spill-over from the nearby Seaport District. Exit some artists, driven out by higher prices. Enter hipsters, trendy restaurants and urban cool, and that’s where Fort Point is today.

How’s that for a compressed time line?

There’s not a ton to see in Fort Point (unless you have young kids, in which case the Boston Children’s Museum is surely on your hit list). But the Fort Point Gallery offers some insight on what the artists are doing nowadays. If you’re more curious about the hipsters, indulge in oysters at Row 34 or have a drink at Drink.


T: South Station/Red Line

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