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Nassau high point

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The British built four forts in Nassau during the 1700s to protect its possession and its Loyalist subjects who fled there following the American Revolutionary War. This was the second one built (circa 1793) atop Bennett’s Hill, the highest elevation on New Providence Island.

So in addition to a history lesson, you score an amazing view of the island.

Tour guides boom out the details of construction in competition with each other, the straw market below, and the occasional Junkanoo trio that often shows up to entertain. It makes for a noisy, crowded tour, especially when cruise ships are in port.

The best part of the attraction is the ancient and lush Queen’s Staircase — 66 steps (today there’s only 65) carved by slaves out of the limestone hillside as an escape route for fort soldiers. Turns out they never saw any action, so really didn’t need the route, but oh well!

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