Fort Cristobal (Castillo San Cristóba)

Guarding the land side

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Stop at the entrance to this grand fortification to pick up a map and brochures to help you get around. Park rangers give brief talks about the fort at the top of the hour every day in the main courtyard, and you can arrange to take a guided tour of certain areas on weekends.  But allow plenty of time to explore on your own.

Fort Cristobal was built by the Spanish beginning in 1634 to defend the eastern entrance of the walled city from invasion by land. El Morro was already standing to defend the island from attack by sea. As you walk around the 27-acre compound notice the advantageous views that troops had during their watch more than 400 years ago. Don’t miss Garita del Diablo ( The Devil’s Turret) a picturesque sentry box tied to a myth that the fortress is haunted. Remember this as you explore the maze of tunnels and dungeons that run under the fort.

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