Fort Charlotte

Bastion of the past

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Grab a walking tour brochure, and step into Nassau’s rich military past at Nassau’s third fort. Built in the late 1700s to protect the harbor against France, it consists of three separate forts.

Heavily fortified with more than 40 cannon, it nonetheless saw no action. Look closely at the etchings in the walls engraved by sentries 200 years ago with names, dates, pictures of ships and flags, and other symbols.

Every Wednesday and Friday starting at 11:30 a.m. historical reenactments culminate with cannon fire at noon.

Bring a camera for on-high views of the cricket green, Arawak Cay, and Nassau Harbour. There’s a gift shop in the fort and a straw market convenes outside its gates.

At A Glance

W. Bay St.
(242) 325-9186

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