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* A l’alsacienne = with choucroute (sauerkraut, pickled cabbage). Added to the name of a dish.

* Choucroute = pickled cabbage; sauerkraut.

* Foie gras = fat liver (usually achieved by force-feeding ducks or geese). Strasbourg is a major producer.

* Baeckoffe = an Alsacien word meaning “baker’s oven.” A stew-like dish of potatoes layered with wine-marinated meat.

* Matelote = fish stew made with seasoned wine. French word meaning “sailor’s wife.”

* Tartes alsaciennes = dessert tarts made with local fruits.

* Kugelhopf = dome-shaped yeast cake made with almonds. Bundt cake.

* Bireweck = cake made with fruit marinated in Kirsch.

* Kirsch = brandy distilled from fermented cherry juice.

* Truiteau bleu = trout lightly cooked in wine and vinegar.

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