Folino’s Pizza

Wood-fired pizza and locally brewed Fiddlehead beer

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Folino’s wood-fired pizza in Shelburne makes a great stop for lunch, especially if you’re planning a visit to the nearby Shelburne Farms or Shelburne Museum.  The restaurant is BYOB, but don’t worry if you’ve forgotten to pick up a drink before stopping by – Folino’s shares its building with Fiddlehead Brewing Company.

So stop by the brewery first and pick up a 64-ounce growler (or 32-ounce ‘growlette’) and head next door to Folino’s, which conveniently supplies frosty mugs.  Fiddlehead’s flagship beer, the Fiddlehead IPA, can be found at bars and restaurants throughout Vermont. But hit the brewery if you want to try some of their other offerings – the Second Fiddle Double IPA is delicious (but does pack a punch!)

At Folino’s, order one of their ‘apizza’ style pizzas, and, if it’s a nice day, grab a seat at one of the outdoor picnic tables.  Their Italian pizza (adding prosciutto for meat-eaters) is particularly good.  If you choose to bring beer other than Fiddlehead, be aware that the Folino’s website advises (tongue in cheek?) that Busch, Milwaukee’s Best, or Natty Ice are not allowed.

At A Glance

6305 Shelburne Rd
Shelburne 05408

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