Foie Gras

A delicate regional speciality

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Foie-gras literally means ‘fat liver’ and is a delicacy made from the livers of ducks or geese which have been specially fattened.

This is achieved by force feeding the birds with corn, a practice known as gavage, which many believe to be cruel. Foie-gras was formerly known as ‘Strasbourg Pie’ in English since most of the production took place there. Foie-gras can be obtained whole, in mousse form or is sometimes presented as a paté. The Musée de Foie Gras at Thiviers is an excellent place to learn more about this product.

The flavour of foie-gras is rich and delicate and it can be found in most restaurants in the area often as an accompaniment to steak or other food items. It can also be bought canned from delicatessens and market stalls throughout the Dordogne area.

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Musee de Foie Gras Thiviers

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