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People often mention the pollution and heavy traffic in Bangkok, but the city’s saving grace is the profusion of plants and flowers. Fresh flowers are everywhere. They’re made into garlands and other offerings that are left at shrines, temples, and spirit houses every day. Restaurants and cafés put little bouquets on each table. Pots of flowers hang from trees in outdoor gardens.

This market supplies flowers to the city. There are bulk bunches of roses wrapped in newsprint, lilies in fussy bouquets with ribbon, and heaps and heaps of orchids. There are stands of women making garlands, a typical sight all over Bangok, especially near shrines and temples, but some of the styles here are less common.

Riverboat taxi: Memorial Bridge
Most stalls open 6:30pm-1 or 2am, some shops open 24 hours

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Chakphet Road

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