Fishing in Colorado’s Summit County

Rainbow trout to bass and salmon

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Rainbow trout, bass, crappies, brown trout, salmon. Summit
County can satisfy anyone who fishes because you’ll have your choice of fishing
in the huge Dillon Reservoir or blue medal streams by the roadside, spinners to
flys and waders to boats.

Outfitters and renting equipment

Local outfitters can take care of you for a day, provide rental equipment, and give advice on where to fish and what to use. Contact Blue River Anglers at (39B Main
Street, Breckenridge (888) 453-9171;) which specializes in fly fishing and
provide guided trips and fly fishing lessons. Mountain Angler at( 311 S. Main St.,
Breckenridge (970) 453-4665), provides a full range of guided fishing options.

You need a license to fish here. It can be picked up at one of the above

At A Glance

Breckenridge in Summit County

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