Fish and Chips

A national dish with a Yorkshire twist

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In Yorkshire, as elsewhere in the UK, a popular meal.
Fish and chips is old in dedicated chip shops to eat in, as well as takeaway food to eat al fresco. Examples in York are Drake’s, Mr Chippy or Wackers.  For in a more refined restaurant version try at The Royal Oak pub, or Betty’s.

In Yorkshire chip-shops, chips (the thicker cousins of french fries) are usually fried in beef dripping, giving them a stronger flavour. In the light of diminishing North Sea stocks, locally-caught cod is now largely replaced now by haddock or hake. Mushy peas are usually available (known locally as Yorkshire caviar). And in a chip shop, the whole is generally eaten with salt and vinegar on it. The full sit-down Monty usually includes bread and butter, and is washed down with lots of tea.

Tip In a York chip shop, you may be asked if you’d like scraps (left-over fried batter) with your chips when buying to take out. It’s a free bonus, if you want an extra loading of calories.

At A Glance

97 Low Petergate
York YO1 7HY


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