First Presbyterian Church of Topeka Tiffany Windows

Marvel at the incomparable artistry of the renowned Louis Comfort Tiffany in this sanctuary

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The artistic genius of legendary stained glass artist, Louis Comfort Tiffany, is a huge draw for visitors to this Topeka church. Six original Tiffany stained glass windows, and six additional windows crafted from Tiffany leaded glass illuminate the spacious sanctuary. They were installed in 1911, at a cost of $14,000, when Tiffany was in his 60s. Considered irreplaceable today, each installation tells a biblical story, depicting Jesus’ childhood to adulthood. Iridescent and full of strong, multi-layered colors, many window installations include two rectangular panels with an arched top piece. There’s no ideal time to view these mesmerizing pieces, which glow more or less, depending on ambient outdoor light. Group tours are available with a reservation, May through September, and donations are appreciated.

At A Glance

817 S.W. Harrison
Topeka 66612

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