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A contradiction of a brand-new landmark

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Once upon a time, there was Fat City. A legendary bike builder who taught the mountain bike world about East Coast riding, then faded away for various reasons (only to return, but in CA). From Fat City came Merlin, Independent Fabrication, and probably many more. From Merlin came Seven Cycles. And from Independent Fabrication came Firefly. This is extremely simplified, but correct as far as I know.

Thus, we arrive at Firefly— a “new” company, with deep roots who have already been blowing up the internet with their beautiful bikes. They specialize in Titanium and seem particularly adept at creatively anodizing it (if you don’t know what that is, you’ll have to look it up).

Nice guys, but please call ahead if you’d like to visit.

At A Glance

117 boston st.
Call ahead! Hours are various.

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