Pretty village, lovely beach and New Age community

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On a stretch of coast famous for its attractive fishing villages, little whitewashed Findhorn is one of the prettiest. The setting is perfect to: it overlooks a tranquil bay of bobbing yachts while a broad five-mile long stretch of sandy beach and dunes stretch out to the east.

It’s a perfect place for a hike and, since it’s often breezy, for flying a kite too! Kids will also love all the space to charge around in as well as the chance to create a shell and pebble collection and draw pictures in the firm sand…

Findhorn is however best known for the Findhorn Foundation, a New Age community a mile south of the village and beach on the main access road. Here a couple of hundred people live based on philosophies of inner discovery and development and provide courses and retreats for others. The diverse subjects range from shamanic healing to organic gardening.

The foundation is also worth briefer visits too. It includes a café, pottery and weaving studio and visitors are generally free to wander around the more interesting community buildings with their eco-friendly designs. These incorporate features like solar power, earth roofs and, most intriguingly, huge old barrels from a Speyside whisky distillery. A visitors centre outlines the history and inspiration behind the community and guided tours most days (£8).

Back in Findhorn village you’ll find a handful of useful businesses such as the Kimberley Inn, an unpretentious bistro with great fish and chips, and the Heath House (+44 1309 691082) bed & breakfast.

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