Field, BC

Cutest mountain village in the Rockies

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Field must still have much the same rag-tag clapboard mountain town feel as it did in 1884, when it was founded. This sense of authenticity probably makes it the region’s most attractive settlement, while the incredible sheer mountain faces that loom over town and the views down the Kicking Horse Valley don’t hurt either.

That said, there’s really not much to Field except the most basic services and a couple of cafes and restaurants. And wandering around its
tiny grid of streets, admiring its brightly-painted wooden houses won’t take more than a few minutes.

In winter the town has a free ice rink and toboggans and some good cross-country skiing and ice-climbing.

Other than the Kicking Horse Lodge, most accommodation options in Field are in private homes offering accommodation, usually just a couple of rooms, typically with their own entrance and a kitchenette. Prices tend to hover around $100 per double. Among them are:

<>The Alpine Guesthouse
<>The Bear’s Den Guesthouse
<>The Mount Stephen Guesthouse
<>The Old Church Guesthouse
<>The Wildflower Guesthouse

Though Field feels remote, it’s only about 20mins’ drive from Lake Louise Village. Greyhound buses traveling between there and Golden will stop at if waved down at the gas station beside the Visitor Information Centre.

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