Festival Place

Tourist Trap

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The best thing about Festival Place is it’s air-conditioned. Mighty welcome on a hot Nassau day.

It’s cute, too, with storefronts that resemble colorful Bahamian cottages. And it’s fun, because there’s a Junkanoo band playing on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

There’s a hitch: It’s a cruise ship passenger trap. But have a look. It sells tacky souvenirs, but other nice stuff such as books, Junkanoo masks, carvings, and local jellies and jams. Cruise ship passengers appreciate its Wi-Fi, Internet kiosks, and other services.

At A Glance

Prince George Wharf
Monday, Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday 8-8, Wednesday and Sunday 9-2, and Thursday 8-5

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