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Without question one of the best mountain biking destinations in the world, Fernie has so many mountain biking trails that you write a book about them. That’s why Fernie Mountain Bike Club
has been involved in producing a slick book ($20) that’s well worth picking up at any local bike or outdoor store. Part of the proceeds fund all-important trail maintenance.

A few useful pointers though:

  • The season runs from about May to October, but snow can cause problems at either end, so late-June–Sept is best.
  • A useful central spot to park is the Aquatic Centre on Cokato Road (where this entry is pinned). There’s a trail map posted beside a good little dirt park and trials area.
  • The best easier trails (blue-standard) are in Ridgemont, most easily accessed from the Cemetery just above the Aquatic Centre.
  • Trails not to miss include Swine Flu/Mad Cow; Dem Bones/Mushroom Head/Phat Bastard; and Project 9.
  • The best three longer rides are probably Castle Mountain; Slunt and Big Money.
  • The most epic ride is Porky Blue.
  • The most technical trails are Three Kings and Dirt Diggler.


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