Feast at Lele

One course per island

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Feast at Lele may be Maui’s most elegant lu‘au. You’ll sit at a table through the evening on an oceanside terrace at the 505 Front Street complex. A wait staff serves courses — no need to stand in a buffet line. Each course is matched to the entertainment, a journey to four islands of Polynesia plus dessert.

The evening starts with Hawai‘i and the hula. Next comes New Zealand and the Maori dances, with the ferocious posturing of the men and spirited poi dance of the woman. Tahiti with its exciting drums and rapid hip swiveling dance follows. The evening ends in Samoa with slapping hands and feet, and the exciting climax, the knife fire dance. There are pauses between dances, while the staff serves and to give you time to enjoy the food.

Chef Adrian Aina draws on the staple foods of Polynesia. Each course has two classic dishes, plus something of the chef’s invention. For dessert, it’s back to Hawai‘i with caramel mac nut pie and haupia whipped cream.

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505 Front St.
Lahaina 96761
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