Farmer’s Market

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The film Crash made the point that the citizens of LA never really connect – they have to crash into each others cars to have a conversation. This is definitely not true of the Farmer’s Market, a collection of more than a hundred stalls and eateries, many of them al fresco. This is where LA effortlessly rubs elbows and spills over to the next table.

The Farmer’s Market has been in operation since 1934. I have my favorite spots, but chances are yours will differ, since the selection is vast. You want some Korean barbecue? No problem. A handmade Panama hat? Try this one on. Some green tea ice cream? It’s right over there.

The only down-side to the Farmer’s Market is its parking – the lot is huge but not as huge as the market’s popularity.

Downtown Farmer’s Market
Grand Central Market
Main Street Farmers’ Market
Pico Farmers Market

At A Glance

West Third St.
West Hollywood California 90036

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