Falmouth Museums on the Green

18th century life on the green

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There are several buildings in the two-acre museum complex, Falmouth Museums on the Green, operated by the Falmouth Historical Society.

The Conant House (a circa1760 structure) contains sailors’ valentines, scrimshaw, and old tools. One room honors Katharine Lee Bates, a Wellesley College professor and author of the lyrics for “America the Beautiful” who was born nearby in 1859 at 16 Main Street (not open to the public). I suspect most Falmouth residents would lend support to the grassroots movement in the United States to change the national anthem from “The Star Spangled Banner” to Bates’s easier-to-sing, less militaristic song.

Next door, look for a formal Colonial-style garden and a Nimrod cannon from HMS; the replicated 100-yearold Hallett Barn, with an educational center with handsome exhibits; and the late18th-century Julia Wood House, home to Dr. Francis Wicks, known for his work with smallpox inoculations.

Fantastic interactive activities are offered on Fridays during July and August, and do drop in on Thursdays for “Afternoon Tea in Julia’s Garden,” but call ahead to reserve your seat for this popular occasion.

The historical society also offers trolley tours.

At A Glance

55-65 Palmer Avenue
Admission includes a worthwhile tour.
Open mid-June to early Oct.

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