Fajn Bistro

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Behind the red facade covered in vines hides little Fajn bistro. It’s a small space that compensates for lack of square footage with an intimate, warm atmosphere and one of those places where after reading the menu you’ll want to ‘try it all!’

A play on the Croatian slang word for the English ‘fine,’ at Fajn each dish is combined with carefully selected wines, with the menu based solely on seasonal ingredients picked out every morning from the fish markets, butcher and green grocers at Dolac Market.

In winter Fajn has capacity for a little over 30 people, while in spring and summer they open the terrace for a drink, casual bite, lunch and dinner.

The terrace is located across from the bistro in the green Vranyczanyeva streets, just a few meters from the Katarina Square, the Museum of Broken Relationships and Lotrscak Tower, where diners can enjoy the peace of the Upper Town.

At A Glance

Vranyczanyeva ulica 6
Zagreb 10000
385 1 4851 411


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