Espiritu Santos Island

A day on the Water, Surrounded by Wildlife

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In my opinion, a boat trip to Espiritu Santos Island is the
penultimate reason to visit La Paz. There are numerous operators that will take
travelers out to the island, some based right in town. I took an Espiritu Santos
Island tour operated by Grupo Fun Baja, which departed from the marina at Costa
Baja Resort. It was almost a full day on the water, providing up-close views of
nesting Great Blue Herons as we motored out to rocky Los Islotes Island, where
we snorkeled among a colony of sea lions in their natural habitat. Later we set
anchor on Espiritu Santo Island’s Playa de Mangrove and enjoyed a picnic lunch
on the beach. On the ride back to the marina, we were accompanied part of the
way by pelicans gliding low over the water, and by a group of dolphins
numbering 20 or more, leaping out of the water and keeping pace with our 32’
boat. It was a great day out on the water and highly recommended.

Those who want to really immerse themselves in the Espiritu
Santo island experience can camp overnight at the campsite on Playa de
Mangrove. One night and two days of recreation includes five meals and drinks,
including tequila and beer, snorkeling among sea lions, sportfishing, kayaking,
guided trail walking, and stargazing. Costs can vary, but figure at least $300
per person for the camping/excursion experience.

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