Erawan Shrine

Offerings to Lord Brahma the Great

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Phra Phrom, the god of four faces, is in fact Brahma. This Hindu deity receives a lot of attention here, as well as requests. The women selling jasmine garlands outside his shrine do a brisk business, and tending to the area around his gold likeness, with all the oranges, incense, lotus flowers, and other offerings, is a steady job for the men in blue uniforms and safari helmets.

From sunrise to sundown dancers are dancing, incense is burning, and people are praying. Passersby, whether on foot or the Skytrain above, often wai the golden statue.

But the god has a lot of pressure put on him, too. People come from across Asia to ask for help. If their wishes are granted, they will return and make more offerings, which might be substantial.

In August 2015, a bomb exploded here and 27 people died. The statue was slightly damaged. In 2006, the statue was smashed by a vandal. Ironically,
the shrine was built to counteract negative energy at this location.

BTS: Siam or Chit Lom
Hours: Dawn to 8pm

At A Glance

Ratchadamri and Ploen Chit Road, southeast corner

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