Elis Caffe

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Elis Caffe is the old grand-daddy and leader when it comes to the Zagreb coffee scene.

Look twice or you might miss this hole-in-the-wall micro-roaster (and coffee bar) on Illica where it’s hard to find a seat. But don’t give in – prop yourself up against the counter if you must and enjoy this sublime drop.

Opened in 2005 by Nik Orosi and named after his eldest son, Eli’s was the first real coffee bar in Croatia. In 2009 they opened their specialty roasting services and the rest is history.

You won’t find any cakes or pastries here rather smooth blends from Ethiopia and Columbia for tasting in house or taking home. And that seems to perfectly fit with the Elis logo…
Just coffee.
Just taste.


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At A Glance

Ilica 63
Zagreb 10000


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