El Madroño – Madrid’s “Strawberry Tree”

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Madrid’s Local Fruit Liquor for Bears and People Alike

This is the place to come to try Madrid’s unique liquor. Locals make it from madroño berries that grow on bushes throughout the city. These berries ferment naturally while they are still on the plant.

Popularly called a strawberry tree in English, this is the tree berry Madrid’s coat of arms depicts with the bear on his hind legs reaching for the fruits.

Locals traditionally serve this bush fruit’s sweet-sour liquor in a pastry cup that is coated in chocolate. As such, you enjoy the liquor and then eat the cup.

Folk medicine from the 16th century included boiling the leaves of the madroño tree toward creating an elixir that was effective in reducing fevers. Like the Portuguese ginginha, a sour cherry liquor that Spain’s neighbors claim makes one healthy, young, and beautiful, madroño liqueur also purports health benefits, if enjoyed in moderation, of course.

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Calle Latoneros, 10

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