Eko Vina Cegec

Croatia's first organic winery

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For those wanting an organic ecologically-friendly wine, never fear, Cegec is here.

In the hills of Sveti Ivan Zelina, this is Croatia’s first eco-friendly, organic winery producing high quality Chardonnay and a staple of continental Croatia – Grasevina. Adding to the white list is a Traminac and for red drinkers there’s a Zwigelt – a dry, full-bodied red.

What makes organic wine so appealing is that there are no synthetic chemicals used during growing and processing. Cegec use composted animal manure instead of synthetic chemical fertilizers and let the butterflies and bees do all the work. They also don’t use preservatives for the finished product.

All this makes the wine a touch more expensive than the normal drop but it’s well worth it.

Call ahead and let the family know when you’ll be arriving and they’ll put on a spread with traditional home-made breads straight out of the wood-fire oven, organic cheeses and other organic goodies for your tasting.

At A Glance

Marinovec zelinski 24
Sveti Ivan Zelina 10380


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