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Long before it won the equivalent of the Pulitzer Prize for children’s bookstores in 2002, the excellent Eight Cousins Children’s Books in Falmouth enjoyed broad and deep roots in the community. It was named for one of Louisa May Alcott’s lesser-known works.

Your inner child will exalt in the selections here, even if you don’t have kids to bring along as an excuse to visit. Age 1 to 16 years is the target age, but they have plenty for parents, teachers, and the rest of us. With about 20,000 titles in their stock list, there’s something for every age, mood, interest, and whim, including adult titles in fiction, biography, social commentary, and science.

Stick around for story times and treat yourself and your favorite kid to some of the imaginative programs that run throughout the year.

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At A Glance

189 Main Street
Free to browse ;-)
Open year-round.

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