Eiah Sae

Bangkok's oldest coffee shop

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Eiah Sae is a real Chinatown legend. Hidden down a quiet side street, the charming coffee shop has been going for about seven decades. The owners here still serve up their great grandparents old style Thai coffee recipe (using plenty of sweet condensed milk) to chain smoking regulars who look as old as the establishment is. The small cafe has an Art Deco look to it, with old framed photos of the Thai king playing the saxophone in his younger days. Thai coffee and tea here is still a bargain, at around 30 baht or so per cup.

To find Eiah Sae, stand on the corner of Yaowarat and Phadungdao roads, where Lek & Rut Seafood is, and then walk down Phadungdao towards the river for one block. You’ll come to a small street with red pavement. Turn left here, and go halfway down the block, paralleling Yaowarat, to find the cafe.

At A Glance

75 Phat Sai, Samphanthawong
Bangkok Bangkok 10100
02 221-0549

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