Eetsalon van Dobben

The original Van Dobben deli

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The Van Dobben name stretches back to 1945 when Aat van Dobben opened a deli in the heart of Amsterdam with Eugenie Laaper (who would later become his wife). The name of the company was Eetsalon Van Dobben and this, the original deli, can still be visited today.

You can order many things at the Van Dobbin Eetsalon, but what you will want to order is a kroket. Originally a French delicacy made from varying meat or vegetable content, the kroket became a way to use up leftover stewed meat in the 1800′s. Kroketten began to be mass produced, using beef, after World War II – gaining in popularity, to become a popular fast food item.

Each one is made from fresh meat (beef and veal are the most popular), flour, bouillon, butter and a selection of spices. For the non-meat eater there is also a vegetarian variety although it is not as widely available as its meatier cousins. For tips on how to eat a kroket “properly”, have a look at this How to Eat Kroketten article

At A Glance

Korte Reguliersdwarsstraat 5-9
Amsterdam 1017 BH
( 31) 02-0624-4200

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