Edinburgh Tattoo

Highly-charged military marching in a stirring setting

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While military marching bands have generally fallen out of favour as attractions, Edinburgh’s Military Tattoo is as popular as ever – and pretty much sells out for its three-week run every year.

The key is doubtless the dusk setting beside Edinburgh Castle, but the choreography is also hugely impressive and the nightly fireworks a superb finale. The lament of the solo piper on the battlements is another great highlight – which makes it easy to see why this spectacle is a source of national pride for many.

Every year the program also includes guest performances by marching bands and musicians from the armed forces of other countries

The audience is every bit as international and the event’s popularity means it can be hard to get a seat. If you are drawing a blank, try approaching bus drivers of coaches that pull drop groups off on the streets outside. They sometimes have spare tickets.

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44 0131 225 1188.
Tickets range £25–300
Three weeks in August

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