Edinburgh Fringe Festival

World's largest arts festival

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With some thousand events held every single day over three weeks, it’s hard to begin to sum up the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, which is as diverse as it is huge.

The big ticket items tend to be well-known comedians that sell out great halls, but for each of these there are a score of first-timers putting on plays or shows as diverse as naked ballet, destroying cars to music and shows in dimly-lit cellars in which the audience becomes the performance.

Certainly the strong points are comedy and the avant-garde, but there is so much more besides, including music, acrobatics, readings and theatre.

Keep your eye on reviews online and in local newspapers – and try visiting the half-price tent – usually near the railway station on Princes Street – for last-minute deals.


Dozen’s of locations around Edinburgh become Fringe venues and sell tickets, but the box office (location of this entry’s map marker) is a good place to start; the Royal Mile, at its door, is full of street theatre and performers advertising their shows for the entire festival.

At A Glance

Fringe Office, 180 High St.
Edinburgh EH1 1QS
44 131 226 0026

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