Ecola State Park

Grab your surfboard, dog and a friend to hike and surf on the Oregon Coast

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Ecola State Park curves around Tillamook Head just outside Cannon Beach. This popular Oregon state park boasts unprecedented views from several established hikes throughout the nine miles of protected coastline.

It’s a short two-mile drive from Cannon Beach to the entrance of the park where you will pay the $5 day use fee. Cruise over to Indian Head Beach and you will find a secluded stretch of sandy beach that is popular with surfers, picnicking families and tourists. Indian Head is a beach break that you can surf either left or right. Indian Head Beach might look a bit familiar because it has been featured in films such as Point Break, Twilight and The Goonies.

If surfing isn’t your thing, take your dog for a hike up the Oregon Coast Trail, eight miles of which are part of Ecola State Park. Another popular hike is to travel along the Clatsop Loop Trail, following in the footsteps of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark who led the Corp of Discovery along this trail back in 1806.

Pro Tip: Get to Ecola State Park early on a warm summer weekends. There is limited parking at Indian Head Beach and you will have to wait in line for a space to be freed up by a leaving visitor when the parking lot is full.

At A Glance

84318 Ecola Park Road
Cannon Beach OR 97110


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