The best taxi service in town

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The best taxi service in town is undoubtedly EcoCab, which is Hawaii’s first all-hybrid company. Their entire fleet consists of the new Hyundai Sonata hybrids, one of the safest and most economical cars on the market. The cars have plenty of room for four people (plus the driver) as well as a sizable trunk/boot for luggage. If you have over-sized bags, be sure to inform the company so they can accommodate your needs. And one of the advantages of using EcoCab—aside from their obvious regard for the environment—is that headquarters tracks the routes to ensure the drivers take the most time-efficient ones possible. They also update drivers on the traffic status of the areas they drive in.

Note: The City of Honolulu does not permit the curbside hailing of taxis, which is why we suggest booking a taxi in advance.

At A Glance

818 Sheridan St. #220
Base rate: $3.10, plus $0.40 for each addt'l 1/8 mile or 45-second wait

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