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Just north of Sélestat, this little village is home to one of the most beautiful Baroque churches in France, Abbey Church of St. Mauritius  

The former Benedictine abbey was built in 1727, and the outside is charmingly plain, except for the onion-shaped domes on top of the twin towers. Step inside for a surprise.

The bright and white interior is splashed with color and decorated floor to ceiling. Notice the glitzy main altar, which is the restored work of Jean-Léonard Meyer, an artist who lived in the area in the early 18th century.

Pay special attention to the pipe organ, which was built in 1730 by the well-known master craftsman Andreas Silbermann. If you visit in May, try to catch a performance by Les Heures Musicales d’Ebersmunster.

Before you leave the village, walk along the narrow streets and admire the gardens and traditional houses.

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