Eaux de Vie

Dark rooms and frosty drinks

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With a bright marquee out front and a dim interior, Eaux de Vie feels like a cross between a saloon and an old movie house. They serve ten different kinds of potent, technicolor slush for 170 baht a pitcher. For those too sophisticated for Slurpees, the bartender also makes Lucky Roses and Mai Tais.

Long-hair rocker servers make their way through the dark and up and down the stairs with the pink, blue, and green beverages, and young hipsters with asymmetrical haircuts lounge at old metal school desks covered with tropical flower cloths. It’s 1976 on the stereo, with soft rocker Gerry Rafferty crooning “Right Down the Line” followed by “Sunshine Day” and a long set of Boney M.

Riverboat taxi: Phra Athit Pier

At A Glance

160? for a pitcher of #1 through #10

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