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As you travel the Wine Road (Route des Vins), the Romanesque Road (Route Roman), and the Crest Road (Route des Crêtes) , take time to enjoy some good Alsatian food in the small towns that you pass through. There are 27 restaurants in Alsace with at least one Michelin star, which is more than any other region in France except  Île-de-France/Paris.

Of course, many good restaurants do not rate a Michelin star. If you’re more interested in a good meal at an affordable price, follow the locals to an eatery filled with townspeople.  

Look for a winstub (literally: room that serves wine) if you’re in the mood for a cozy, friendly spot with local dishes on the menu, as well as local wines. Think Choucroute garnie or Flammekueche accompanied by a glass of Riesling.   

An auberge  is an inn, and most have a dining room that is open to the public. Expect a homey atmosphere and helpful service. The menu may range from local country foods to haute cuisine with prices to match.

To Try:

Au Bois le Sire at 20 Rue Charles de Gaulle in Orbey is a shady retreat 20 minutes by car from Colmar at the foot of the Vosges Mountains. Stop there on your way to Parc naturel régional des Ballons des Vosges; it is 7m/11k from the Lac Blanc area. Open daily, except Monday, for lunch and dinner in the €16 range. Phone:03-89-71-25-25. 

Abbaye de la Pommeraie at 8 Blvd du Marechal Foch in Seléstat is an ancient Baumgarten Cistercian Abbey, and Le Prieuré restaurant serves gourmet regional dishes in the  €30-€50 range. Phone: 03-88-92-07-84.

Wistub du Sommelier at 51 Grand Rue in Bergheim, between Colmar and Seléstat, is an updated 19th-century restaurant serving regional dishes in the €17 range at lunch and €30 range at dinner. Phone:03-89-73-69-99.

Auberge des Lavandieres, also on Grand Rue in Bergheim, is a renovated half-timbered “house of the washwoman,” serving traditional fare in the €15 range. Don’t pass up dessert. Phone: 03-89-73-69-96

La Vieille Forge in Kaysersberg is a family-run restaurant in a half-timbered house furnished in contemporary style. Try the black pudding cromesquis (blood sausage) or roasted sea bass. Everything is fresh and well prepared. Lunch and dinner include local dishes and international favorites. Lunch about €17; dinner about €40. Phone: 03-89-47-17-51.

Le Pavillon Gourmand in Eguisheim serves great meals in a rustic dining room or on the patio. The house was built in 1683, and is worth a visit at 101 Rue Rempart-Sud in town center. Good wines and delicious food. Try the tasting menu. The service is friendly and helpful. Lunch in the €15 range; about €35 for dinner. Phone: 03-89-24-36-88.

Hôtel Restaurant Winstub Gilg in Mittlebergheim makes a good stop if you get hungry while tracking ruins among the flowers and vines. You’ll find good local wines and great food served in a medieval atmosphere. Lunch runs about €30; dinner is in the €50 range. Look for the lovely hotel restaurant at 1 Rue Rotland. Phone: 03-88-08-91-37.

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