Eating and drinking in the old town

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Apart from the two Buzas, there are plenty of good dining and drinking options around the old town.

Konoba Ribar
Apparently set in Dubrovnik’s shadiest (coolest) street, at Konoba Ribar you’ll find wholesome seafood treats made the traditional Dalmatian way. Ribar means fisherman, so prepare yourself for octopus salads, stuffed squids, mussels-a-Buzara and wonderful  brodet of lobster. Add a carafe of the house white and it’s a meal fit for a king, or atleast a hungry fisherman.

Restaurant 360
Dubrovnik’s A-list restaurant with good dishes made to satisfy the celebrity within has one of the best views in the city. Set on top of the city walls, the tables are placed so you can look out onto the harbour.

Lady Pi-Pi
The restaurant is named after the stone statue that sits outside the restaurant and I’ll let you use your imagination as to what the statue is of…
Located just underneath the walls, this place is a real undiscovered gem featuring outdoor terraces covered in grape vines and serving wonderful seafood dishes for lunch and dinner that are grilled in front of you. Because of it’s location there are panoramic views of the old town and you’d never dream that down all those stairs is all that tourist hustle and bustle. Breakfast dishes are very simple, but in the morning it is quite up here and hence you can get some great photos of the old town waking up.

Bota Sare Oyster and Sushi Bar
You’ll find fresh sushi and sashimi and of course wonderful oysters direct from Ston. If you’re passing through the Ston’s better to stop and try them there – they’re a lot cheaper. What you will get here are terrace tables with views of the cathedral.

Inside the Revelin Fort, you’ll find this rather impressive nightclub that hosts famous international DJs during the summer. Beware – you’ll be served in plastic glasses and there are women dancing in cages.

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Antuninska ul. 21

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