Easter Week Rituals

Easter Week Processions, Rites, and Rituals

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Sardinia has many traditions and rituals making it one of the most interesting places in Italy to go for Easter week processions and rituals. Processions and mystery pageants performed in churches start as early as the Friday before Palm Sunday and are also held on Holy Monday, Good Friday, and Easter.

Easter week rituals in Alghero are very striking and include the procession de las damas, women dressed in black mourning clothes carrying a statue of the Virgin across the narrow streets of the old town. held the Friday evening before Palm Sunday,

Castelsardo holds a beautiful candlelight procession on Holy Monday, with rituals starting at dawn in a countryside Romanesque church and ending at night when the procession returns from the town to the church.

Easter mystery plays, rituals and processions are also observed in Cagliari, the island’s main city and in Barbagia villages of the Gennargentu Mountains. In the town of Iglesias the rituals and processions are suggestive of Semana Santa in Spain.


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