East India Company Ltd. – Mississauga

Marco Polo would be impressed with their selection of spices

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This family-owned shop has pretty much everything you could possibly need in terms of ingredients for any kind of East Indian or Asian cooking: spices, herbs, nuts, lentils, and rice are what they list on their business card, but that’s certainly not all they have. They have dried fruits, nuts, oils, pastes and sauces, and lots more. You can find their product list online.

I discovered this store when the owner of S.N.M.B. Roasted Nut Factory (which is just across the street on Cawthra) sent me there to find the Indian spices I was looking for. I am so grateful that she did, as this place is amazing. Actually, it’s overwhelming because they have rows and rows and rows of items.

The company is owned by Ravi and Sapna Jain, the children of the founder Vinod Jainwho started the business in 1972. The business is primarily a wholesale business that serves retail outlets, wholesalers, restaurants and bakeries – this retail shop is really just a bonus for folks who like to cook.

Because of the large volume of business they do, their spices and products move, so there’s little concern about freshness. Because they’ve been in business for 40+ years, they have well developed relationships with suppliers throughout Asia and so they have a level of quality and consistency that is hard to find. As well, because of the volume of business they do, their prices are very good.

They also sell a some fresh items, like pakoras and a few other savory Indian favourites.

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At A Glance

2446 Cawthra Rd., Unit 1, Bldg. 1
Mississauga Ontario L5A 3K6
Mon.-Fri. 10-7; Sat. 10-6


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