Eagle Beach

Turtles, DiviDivi Trees and Sugar-Soft Sand

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Eagle Beach is
the widest beach on the island and one of the most photographed sites due to the
two lovely DiviDivi (fofoti) trees that grow right out of its pure
white sand. Brides often have their wedding photos taken in the shade of the
unusual looking trees that tip out toward the sea.
Be sure to snap a selfie with this island landmark.

It’s not
surprising that Eagle Beach is the favored nesting area for four species of sea
turtles. Nesting season runs March – September and baby turtles hatch May – November.
If your timing is right, you may be able to observe nests or watch the babies emerge
and make their way to the sea. You’ll want to
keep your distance, of course, but look for the nests surrounded by a
square of red and white markers.  

hotels occupy prime space near the beach, and locals often use the spacious
stretch of sand for a game of beach tennis.  Residents pitch tents along the shore during
Easter week for traditional family camp outs.

At A Glance

Eagle Beach

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