Dunn’s River Falls and Park Ocho Rios

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Dunn’s River Falls is Jamaica’s most famous water attraction and one of  the island’s best known landmarks. Although many come only to admire the falls, a good number of visitors arrive dressed in swimsuits to climb almost 600 feet to the top of the falls. Their ascent up the falls is made easier by a series of natural rock terraces that serve as climbing platforms.

The most famous images ever taken at Dunn’s River Falls appear in the first James Bond film, Dr. No, where actor Sean Connery and actress Ursula Andress meet on a beach with the cascading falls in the background. That scene made Dunn’s River Falls and Jamaica world-famous.

Guides are available to help couples and families climb the slippery rocks, or you can join a guide-led human chain going up the falls. It is quite a sight–for the spectators watching from a platform as well as those walking against the fast-moving water. Guides do expect to be tipped. Work out the fee before getting wet. The climb lasts from 45 to 60 minutes.

If you have a waterproof camera, by all means bring it if it has a strong wrist strap. Otherwise, the rushing water could rip it from your grasp. Once the climb is over, use the changing facilities and, if you want something to drink, try the cafeteria.

This being Jamaica, there will be vendors near the falls displaying different wares, including wood carvings. Some of them may be quite good.

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Dunn's River Falls
Ocho Rios Saint Ann
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