Dubai Zoo

Check out the local wildlife in Dubai's old-fashioned zoo

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In this very state-of-the-art city, the Dubai Zoo is a throwback to older and simpler times – although not necessarily in a good way. This was the first zoo in the Middle East when it was opened in 1967, and not much has changed since, with animals packed into small cages behind stout wire-mesh fences (designed, ironically, to protect the animals from visitors, rather than the other way around – when the zoo first opened locals would traditionally bring a stick to prod somnolent creatures into action).

Animals here include tigers, lions, giraffes, chimps and bears, as well as rare local species such as Arabian wolves and oryx. Kids will enjoy it, but grown-ups may find the whole place rather depressing.

At A Glance

Jumeirah Road, Jumeirah
(04) 349 6444
Daily except Tues 10am-5.30pm

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