Craft cocktails at their most creative

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Famed chef Barbara Lynch knew what she was doing when she opened Drink in South Boston’s revitalized Fort Point District. Fort Point is Boston’s newest, trendiest go-to, gay-play place. And Drink is its hottest hot spot.

Master mixologists are the stars of the show here, along with their creative concoctions: they’ll ask you what you like and then create a unique cocktail with your name on it. It’s kind of like fingerprints or snowflakes: no two drinks are ever alike. Ask for your favorite herbs, fresh fruits or little-known liqueur.

Two other brilliant Barbara Lynch venues (more for eating than drinking), Menton and Sportello, are in the same building.

T: South Station/Red

At A Glance

348 Congress Street
Open daily 4pm - 1am.

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