Dolphin In-Water Encounter

Animal Adventures at the Indianapolis Zoo at White River State Park

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Who doesn’t want to hug a dolphin or two?

The Dolphin In-Water Encounter is a 90-minute
interactive experience where, under the supervision of trainers, visitors get
lots of hands-on fun including feeding, petting, signaling for behaviors and
maybe a wet dolphin kiss or two.

The Indianapolis Zoo is the only place in the Midwest where you can get in the water with dolphins. Included in the package is a backstage classroom session about dolphin characteristics, adaptations and training and more than 30 minutes of poolside/in-water time with the zoo’s trainers and dolphins.

Participants learn about the different activities zoo trainers do each day as part of their job. This includes feeding a dolphin, signaling for behaviors and lots of up-close, hands-on animal interactions. Part of the experience includes receiving a 
souvenir towel and digital photograph of the guest with their own special dolphin.

Also at the park’s aquarium, kids can touch the
friendly sharks, watch a dolphin show and view the underwater activities of
seals, sea lions and polar bears.

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1200 W. Washington St
Indianapolis 46222
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