Dole Park

Lana‘i living room

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Lana‘i has but one park, smack in the center of Lana‘i City. It serves as a community living room. You’ll find picnic tables, a pavilion, and community center. The Pineapple Festival takes place here in June, and the Aloha Festival in September. Every Saturday locals and visitors meet at the farmer’s market in Dole Park.

Stately Norfolk and Cook pines provide plenty of shade, though it’s usually comfortably cool at this elevation. Blue Ginger Cafe, Pele’s Other Garden Deli, Richard’s Shopping Center, Gifts with Aloha and other businesses line the square. It’s fun to sit there and just watch people come and go. Sooner or later, everyone in town will wander by.

At A Glance

Lana‘i Avenue at 7th Street
Lanai City, Lana‘i

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