Dick’s 5 & 10

How could you ever resist dropping by here?

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This family owned and operated downtown dime store has been in business for more than 50 years. It’s absolutely packed with all kinds of novelties, practical items like glue and kitchen utensils, toys, things you haven’t seen in years, and things you have no earthly use for (but why let that stop you?).

Who can resist bobbing-head figures, John Wayne memorabilia, decorated hairnets or silly refrigerator magnets, especially when buying for a friend and the price is right? While you’re negotiating the crowded aisles packed with 50,000 items, keep a lookout for the store’s private collections of aviation prints (most of them from World War II and signed by pilots and crews), sports memorabilia, and arrowheads.

If this weren’t a store, I’d list it as an attraction!

At A Glance

103 W. Main St.

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