Diamond Island (Koh Pich)

Modern Asia in the making

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A decade in the making and probably another five years from completion, this multi-billion dollar residential, hospitality and commercial property development on the Tonle Bassac river provides an insight into Cambodia’s future as a modern Asian city.

Linked to Phnom Penh via bridges and the city’s widest streets Diamond Island is a breathtaking development of thousands of high-rise apartments, hi-rise office accommodation and hospitality venues. Included are two 26-floor towers and three 36-floor towers connected at the top by a 200-metre-long swimming pool. There are Elite Town gated luxury community homes, and a $100
million Diamond Island Riviera Singapore-style marina. Plans also include feature an international exhibition center, a fire station, the new city hall, theater, a golf range, numerous resort-style hotel developments and office space including a proposed 610 meter high skyscraper. Once a down-at-heal docks and warehousing area, the awsome development is rising at the northern plaza side of Aeon Mall, down behind the Naga World casino. The luxurious living and working city center will be a testament to the confidence in Cambodia’s future.

At A Glance

Koh Pich, Phnom Penh, Cambodia

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