Dhow Wharfage

Lines of traditional wooden dhows moored up on Creek

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The waterfront alongside the Creek in central Deira is where you’ll find the dhow wharfage, one of Dubai’s most unlikely and memorable sights. Dozens of traditional old wooden boats tie up along the waterside here to load and unload cargo, with sweating stevedores carting cargo along narrow gangplanks and huge piles of merchandise – anything from packets of soap to cars – ranged on the pavement alongside, awaiting shipment.

The boats themselves are virtual museum pieces, their designs unchanged for a hundred years (bar the replacement of the traditional lateen sail with a more modern diesel engine). Most of the dhows sail to ports up or down the Gulf, or over to Iran (with which Dubai enjoys a flourishing contraband trade), while a few head further afield, to Pakistan, India and the Horn of Africa.

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Baniyas Road, Deira
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