Dhermi and Himara

long beaches and clear waters of the Albanian riviera

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Get to Dhermi and Himara before they are discovered more widely – and spoiled! Every summer new hotels appear on this stretch of coast, and with patchy application of planning laws and insufficient infrastructure in these out-of-the-way spots there is the danger that expansion will wreck what currently makes these beaches such paradise.

Nevertheless, you can find secluded coves, clear water and – in season – buzzing nightlife.

Dhermi beach is just a mile down from the main road between Vlora and Saranda so it’s accessible by bus if you get off at the turning and make the short walk downhill. Chalet and hotel accommodation as well as camping is available.

In Himara there is more hotel accommodation but a smaller beach.

Other beaches to consider include Jal and Livadhia.

If you have a car – or better still, a boat – then you may prefer to explore this coastline and find your own perfect beach, depending on your preferences regarding seclusion vs nightlife, and on the season.

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