Take a micro-cruise to Auckland's prettiest waterfront suburb

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Set aside a couple hours to explore delightful Devonport,
Auckland’s original waterside suburb founded in 1840. With only one road in
from the north it almost feels like an island, a sense enhanced by the presence
of New Zealand’s diminutive navy.
But the best approach is by ferry, the ten-minute jaunt
across the harbour from the CBD making some kind of substitute if you can’t
make it out to the islands. Once there, the pleasure is in adapting to the leisurely
pace and simply wandering the streets admiring the elegant wooden villas which
get the best real estate locations with views across the harbour to the city. There’s
just one main street, Victoria Road, dotted with a few modest shops enough
cafés to fuel further explorations.
Stroll east along waterfront King Edward Parade to visit
Torpedo Bay, fine for a quick harbour dip, and home to the Torpedo Bay Navy Museum which huddles at the foot of Maungauika / North Head.

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